Travel Medical Insurance

What is travel insurance ?
When traveling outside of your home country it’s important to buy international travelers medical insurance to cover yourself against accidents or illness. Even if you have private medical insurance at home the chances are this will not cover you when traveling abroad, or if it does cover you that coverage will be very limited.

What your are looking for is a “Travel Medical Insurance Plan“. Many policies are simply “trip cancellation” policies which only cover the cost of your trip if for some reason you can’t go. Travel Medical plans incorporate some components of trip coverage with additional coverage for certain illnesses. Make sure you review the terms of each policy to make sure it covers what you want insurance for (review the benefits and exclusions).

Are you visiting from a foreign country ? Then it would make sense to buy travel insurance. If you and your family members are planning to visit the United States, then everyone should have travel medical insurance to cover for their unforeseen emergency medical conditions. In the US the cost of medical expenses is high and it is good to buy travel medical insurance though you are traveling for a short visit .

I have been searching for the best travel insurance for both domestic and foreign travellers and here are my suggestions.

Visitors Coverage
Visitors Coverage has both fixed and comprehensive coverage plans. Starting at $ 65 per person.Again prices depend if you have preexisting medical conditions.

This insurance company based out of Texas has good customer reviews from several customers.

Global Health Insurance
For foreign visitors planning short visits to the USA

Allianz Travel Insurance 
Got this recommendation from the travel  blogger Social Girl. Fees are affordable. $400 per year would get you ample coverage. Jen recommends the Annual Executive Plan.

You can read more about the different types of travel insurance on this Quora link.